How many trees line Boston's streets?

Help us find out!

By 2020, we aim to inventory all of Boston's street trees!

For the past year we've been busy developing training sessions, creating tree id and protocol guide, and getting to know our neighbors.


This year, we're proud to launch our BranchingOut program to record the location, size, species, and condition of all public street trees in Boston by 2020. This project promotes increased awareness of the importance of the urban forest and support for urban forest management.


Our Tree Inventory Goals for 2019:
- To inventory 1/3 of Boston's street trees.

- To provide training and supplies to residents.
- To host over twenty training sessions to engage community members in our work.
- To maintain our OpenTreeMap database, to be shared with the public and the city.
- To have fun getting to know our neighbors and trees!

We'll be doing this in two ways: through Teen Urban Tree Corps, a paid youth learning and engagement program, and a community-centered voluntreer program.

Curious about our progress? See our map below or at