How many trees line Boston's streets?

Help us find out!

Over the course of the next two years we aim to engage residents, teens, and volunteers to inventory all of Boston's street trees

Over the past year our volunTREErs and teens have been busy inventorying over 5,000 street trees and 1,500 empty planting sites throughout Boston. You can see our map at OpenTreeMap.


This project provides people an opportunity to learn about trees, identify tree species, and collect invaluable information on the trees and tree sites.


You can now learn how to inventory trees and empty planting sites through our virtual-training video series.








Download some supporting material here:


 Are you working on a mobile phone? We now have a MOBILE version of our TreeID guide.

 Click here.


There are two ways to join this project: through Teen Urban Tree Corps, a paid youth learning and engagement summer program, and a community-centered volunTREEr program. to find out more, click below:

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Curious about our progress? See our map below or at

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