Tree Advocacy in Greater Boston

There are several communities in and around Boston with independent organizations that advocate for trees as part of their mission.  A list of them, with descriptions, are below. If any are missing please email us with an update at
Boston Proper(ish)
Launched by GreeningRozzie in 2016 and supported by Boston Parks and Recreation, The Memory Tree Project helps increase the survival rate of trees by encouraging people to water a street tree in memory of a loved one. GreeningRozzie purchases signs and sells them at cost ($15 each) to participants. GreeningRozzie board member Pam Sinotte won the 2017 City of Boston Greenovate Award in the Trees, Open Space, and Landscaping category for this innovative project, as it helps decrease the impact of climate change. For more information contact or go to
Areas Outside Boston
  • Newton Tree Conservancy
    • Newton Tree Conservancy, a non-profit founded in 2008, promotes the health of Newton’s trees through: funding for planting and care of new trees, as well as preservation pruning and tree maintenance in a way that will supplement – not replace – city funding; educational programs to build public awareness of the value of trees and the risks of not properly caring for and replacing trees; training programs and volunteer opportunities to give citizens an opportunity to participate in tree maintenance and planting
  • Cambridge Trees (part of Green Cambridge)
  • Trees for Watertown
Several communities have tree advocacy groups that exist within the town or city's municipal structure. These include:
  • Belmont
  • Lexington
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